Thorne offers the best programs for outdoor learning!
– Thorne Nature Parent

Each year, Thorne connects more than 7,000 youth ages 3-15 to nature through its joyful, hands-on, place-based Summer Camp, In-School Programs, Field Trips, Assemblies, and Birthday Parties.

Summer Camp

Since 1957, Thorne Summer Camp in Boulder and Littleton has been connecting youth to nature! Each summer, Thorne offers 145 “Camp Experiences” for youth ages 3-15. Thorne’s “Camp Experiences” allow youth to explore in nature and offer just the right mix of fun and hands-on learning. Popular “Camp Experiences” like, Mud Mucking, At Home in the Woods, and Bird Banding utilize local prairie grasslands, evergreen forests, and wetland habitats as a classroom and enable youth to connect with and learn about nature. While we cannot guarantee your child will return home clean from Thorne Summer Camp, we are certain they will have both a big smile on their face, and probably one or two things to teach you about a local trail, a native wildflower, or one of many creatures they encountered while playing and learning with Thorne.

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In-School Program

Since 2005, Thorne’s In-School Program has been expanding students’ knowledge in the areas of science and literacy through a three-class series of lessons that involve interactive explorations, inquiry-based experiments, scientific instruments and specimens, and writing a picture book. Emphasis is placed on working with schools neighboring Thorne’s environmental education centers and low-income, low-scoring, and culturally diverse schools throughout the Denver and Boulder Metro Area. At select schools, Thorne offers an additional twelve week After School Program for students who are interested in expanding their knowledge of science and connection to nature.

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Field Trips

Since 1999 Thorne has partnered with the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Department and the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) to offer a day-long Field Trip Program to BVSD fourth graders at the 45-acre Sombrero Marsh Environmental Education Center. While on the Field Trip, students experience the Marsh through aquatic investigations, bird watching, and hands-on, educational activities as they rotate through the following four stations: Birds, Plants, Wetlands, and Water Pollution. The Marsh is also home to a 30 ft. wind turbine, organic gardens, and a photovoltaic solar system which are used as educational tools to demonstrate the concept of conserving natural resources as a means of protecting the environment. In addition to serving 4th grade BVSD students at Sombrero Marsh, Thorne also offers customizable Nature Experience Field Trips to other BVSD grade levels and non-BVSD schools and youth-serving organizations at both its Boulder and Littleton locations.

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Special Programs

Thorne can arrange Field Trips, Assemblies, and Birthday Parties for groups of youth ages 3-15. Thorne also has a Bird Banding Program, which includes a Bird Banding Club for youth ages 11 to 15 that meets weekly afterschool from Jan through May.

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