Get Involved

In order to be successful in achieving our mission to connect youth to nature, Thorne needs your help! There are a lot of ways that you can Get Involved, and support Thorne. Please consider joining our team as a volunteer or intern, making a tax deductible contribution, or helping to promote our programs!

Volunteer and Intern Opportunities

Volunteers and interns play a critical role in the success of Thorne’s programs, and are involved at every level of the organization, from providing general administrative support to teaching programs and serving on the Board of Trustees. Volunteers and interns receive real-world work experience with a successful nonprofit. Benefits include resume-building, professional references, and the personal fulfillment gained from knowing you have helped impact the lives of our community’s youth and protect the environment.

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Thorne’s programs are designed and implemented by a small but dedicated team of full-time employees and seasonal instructors. In order to attract the best environmental educators, Thorne offers generous pay and benefits packages comparative to other environmental education nonprofits.

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If Thorne had a dollar for every smile we create…we wouldn’t need one from you. Unfortunately, smiles don’t pay the bills. To keep lighting up the faces of our community’s youth and filling their lungs with fresh air, we need support from people like you. Become a contributor to Thorne today, and help continue our five decade long legacy of connecting youth to nature!

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Thorne relies heavily on referrals from our campers’ and students’ parents and teachers to spread the word about our programs. If your son or daughter enjoyed Thorne Summer Camp, we would love it if you shared a little about their experience with your friends and encouraged them to sign their kids up for a future Thorne “Camp Experience.” Or, if you would like to see Thorne brings its educational and fun programs to your son or daughter’s school, please help us by sending a note to their teacher or principal.


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